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Supplier Open Forum Feature: RFID Implementation
VCF recently launched a Supplier Steering Committee comprised of representatives from sixteen member companies across various product lines to advise us on the supplier perspective of issues in the retail supply chain arena of interest to them. RFID was one of the hot buttons they presented to us, in particular their desire to obtain more information on the implementation and use of RFID in the supply chain. Avery Dennison is a leader in the retailer initiatives currently underway to bring RFID into fruition. At the request of the Supplier Steering Committee, we presented questions posed by them to Avery with the intent of gaining further insight into this important topic.

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: A Trip Outside
I'm just returning from an industry association meeting where retail presidents, merchandise supplier CEO's and heads of sales were in attendance. As usual, when speaking with a number of people, they seemed intrigued by the existence of VCF, yet most had never heard of us; interestingly enough, many were from member companies. It occurred to me that in the corner office, business is not viewed from the trenches of the supply chain. Most execs are worried about market share, production costs and regulation.

Black Matte VICS Approved Hangers
2012 introduced a dramatic change in the hanger industry spearheaded by the VICS organization's direction to move from K-Resin clear hangers to black matte hangers. The goal of the change is to support sustainability and decrease the carbon footprint that resulted in the manufacturing of clear hangers that required "virgin" resin. Moving to a black matte resin allowed for an increased resource pool of resins that resulted in lower production costs for hangers. This change has provided the industry less expensive new hangers and theoretically the capability to recycle hangers into resin to produce new ones.

Yusen, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Client Management…A Multifaceted Role
Long gone are the days of impersonal Customer Service Call Centers. Obsolete are the frustrated customers trying desperately to obtain answers from various reactive agents who know nothing about their product or the industry in general. The 21st Century Importer wants – even expects – that their service provider fit them with a knowledgeable dedicated person. In today's competitive market, one of the best tools in a provider's arsenal is their ability to manage the customer's supply chain proactively, efficiently and effectively through top notch Client Management. In order to be truly successful, the Client Manager is expected to be proficient in all aspects of the customer's global supply chain.

Export Compliance: A Ticking Time Bomb for Unwary Retailers and Manufacturers (Part 1)
"Export controls." The image that naturally springs to mind is that of high technology products, military equipment, missile defense systems, and the like. On the list of consumer product companies' compliance priorities, export compliance has often been relegated to the lower echelons, falling below other pressing issues, such as sourcing decisions, tax concerns, product safety, Customs compliance, and a host of government agency and state requirements. Companies often find that there is little time left over to dedicate to export compliance. And in far too many cases, companies incorrectly assume that export controls are not relevant as their goods do not require export licenses and pose little or no national security risks. Even though they may deal in the most benign of consumer products, U.S. companies that market to overseas markets are subject to the same stringent export requirements as their high tech, military and strategic counterparts. Plus, the explosion of e-commerce activities in the consumer product sector in recent years has created additional export risks for the unwary.
Integrated Solutions for Retailers Podcast: An Interview with VCF
Victor Engesser, Retail Executive Advisor, VCF, sits down with Bob Johns, Associate Editor of Integrated Solutions For Retailers and, to discuss the influence of VCF and the many benefits it provides retailer members and their suppliers. They will also discuss the importance of scorecarding and its benefits for both retailers and suppliers in making business decisions.
The 2020 Shopper
History has taught us that every generation creates both challenges and opportunities. Those who succeed in accurately predicting the future understand that history creates generations and generations will continue to create history. We often believe that subsequent generations will be an extreme extension of the current with behaviors that mirror and expand. We have been conditioned to believe that change is linear when we look to the future. What will the world look like in 2020? What will consumers need and want? How will they live, connect and shop? What technologies will emerge and what technologies will be rendered redundant?

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VCF Open Forum Calls

Retailer Open Forum Call
July 12, 2012

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Another nail in the coffin of big box stores? Read this and more.

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Retailers Only Open Forum Opportunities

We encourage our Retailer partners to take advantage of our Open Forum opportunities:

Open Forum Conference Calls:
Modeled after the Open Forum sessions at our events, these calls are designed to address your questions regarding all aspects of the retail supply chain. Retailers can collaborate with peers and exchange best practices in a "retailer only" environment. There is no cost to participate. All calls take place at 11:00 am ET and typically last about an hour depending upon the number of issues discussed. Sessions are scheduled as follows for the balance of the year:

  • July 12, 2012
  • August 9, 2012
  • September 6, 2012
  • October 11, 2012
  • December 6, 2012

Pre-registration is required. Interested retailers may register on the VCF Member Site. Registrants will receive an e-mail with the conference phone number and code prior to the call.Questions to be addressed during each of these conference calls should be submitted to no later than the close of business on the Monday prior to each call. Space is limited; registration will be closed once the maximum number of participants is reached. Strict adherence to conference call etiquette must be followed. Inquiries about the call may be forwarded to Kim Zablocky.

Retailer Open Forum Group:
Retailer Members may also take advantage of access to their own dedicated group on the VCF Member Site where they can post their questions and inquiries on a secure forum board where their peers can provide responses. This is an excellent way to obtain quick feedback. Feel free to sign in today and access the group to utilize this valuable benefit.

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Are You Making the Most of Your Access to the VCF Compliance Clearinghouse?

Don't miss out on this valuable service! Let VCF handle the mundane aspects of the compliance process that overwhelm your staff. VCF monitors thousands of web pages on a daily basis to monitor your customers' compliance guidelines; we then summarize and prioritize any changes found and catalog them in the Clearinghouse. By setting up your own customized portfolio, you will receive daily e-mail alerts outlining the day's updates with direct access to the guidelines. Members are allowed an unlimited number of users. It's time to cut back on errors and deductions! Personalized individual and group training is available for all users; contact us to set up a training session today.

Not currently a subscriber? It's never too late to take advantage of everything the Clearinghouse has to offer! Contact Susan Haupt for more information.

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2012 Upcoming Events:

VCF Retail Only Conference: Supplier Relationship Management

The VCF Retail Only program will help executives and managers reduce cost and improve margins for Retailer-Supplier collaboration to drive income. Find out how to work faster and more efficiently with suppliers while striving for an error-free flow of goods. Don't miss the evening gala, a collaborative luxury yacht cruise around New York City on Tuesday evening.


June 10-12, 2012
Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe
Teaneck, NJ
Member Rate: $795

VCF Collaborative East Coast Conference: Merchandise Supplier Program
The conference continues as we focus on improving strategic retailer-supplier business processes. Participate in our one-on-one retailer meetings and open forum sessions to gain insights and share fresh ideas. The event will kick off with a collaborative luxury yacht cruise around New York City on Tuesday evening.


June 12-13, 2012
Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe
Teaneck, NJ
Member Rate: $695

Available Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities

VCF offers service providers a variety of opportunities to position your company to our membership and conference attendees. CLICK HERE to review available options for the VCF Retail Only and Collaboration Conferences.

VCF Annual Fall Conference: Collaboration 3.0

Our Annual
Fall Conference will again be a multi-tiered program, focusing on trading partner compliance, collaboration and supply chain execution.

November 11-14, 2012
Camelback Inn
Scottsdale, AZ
Member Rate: $995 (Early Bird $895 through 8/17/2012)
Non-Member Rate: $1,595 (Early Bird $1,495 through 8/17/2012)

Available Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities

VCF offers service providers a variety of opportunities to position your company to our membership and conference attendees. CLICK HERE to review available options for the VCF Annual Fall Conference.

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Looking for a new position? Have one to offer?
Visit the VCF Career Center
VCF's Career Center has been designed to assist employers and job seekers in filling open Retail Supply Chain positions. Our Career Center is available to VCF members and subscribers and is included as one of the many benefits VCF offers.

VCF Career Center


Vendor Compliance Analyst
Carhartt Inc.
Dearborn, MI

Job Description:

  • Perform in-depth analysis of customer's vendor guides and agreements, comparing the requirements to Carhartt standards to determine which procedures are in place currently and which need to be implemented to ensure compliance.
  • Negotiate Value Added Services requests and requirements. Collect approval documents, waivers and signed agreements from Accounts. Input specifics of approved VAS requirements into SAP system.
  • Coordinate with Retail Specialists & Account Specialist to update orders based on new and existing requirements.
  • Manage the set-up of customer groupings for VAS Accounts. Review, investigate and assist in resolving charge-backs or deductions received from accounting.
  • Manage the flow of information between departments to make necessary corrections to prevent reoccurrence of non-compliance chargebacks. Coordinate various projects and tasks in order to meet Account guidelines.

If interested please send your resume to: Carhartt Career Center

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