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PetSmart Supplier Information Request

Please click on the appropriate DEPARTMENT LINK below that most closely reflects your job function to provide your contact information.

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Please note: All departments are "required" (*) and must be completed. If you represent multiple departments, you must list your contact information in all applicable departments to ensure receipt of appropriate e-mail notifications. Please ensure all fields below are completed and submitted below by 9/23/2016.

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This person may be contacted by PetSmart regarding business information that must be communicated at a C-level.

This person should support general accounting and payment services and may be contacted by PetSmart regarding invoicing or financial statements.

This person may be contacted by PetSmart or PetSmart's EDI provider regarding electronic purchase order documents such as the PO, invoice, ASN (advanced ship notice), etc.

Supply Chain/Vendor Compliance*
This person may be contacted for supply chain and/or vendor compliance related events. Please at least include a vendor compliance and/or supply chain contact to receive these notifications - up to 3 contacts.
Head of Sales*

This person may be contacted by PetSmart regarding general sales or account support.