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RVCF Compliance Clearinghouse Enhancements

RVCF Logo We may have a new name but that doesn't mean we've forgotten our roots – or the services that our members have come to rely on. As such, we've made updates to the Compliance Clearinghouse application to help you better manage compliance changes as they occur.

Reminder Service
The biggest enhancement we've made is the ability to add reminders to changes. Now, you can add a follow-up date to any change and you'll receive a reminder on that day's Clearinghouse e-mail alert. Reminders will appear above the daily change alerts with a description of the change you've flagged for follow-up. Used in conjunction with the existing "notes" service, ensuring changes are addressed in the appropriate timeframe is easier than ever.

Clearinghouse Alert
The format of the alert has changed as well. The "Morning Brief" will now appear at the top in an effort to make announcements more visible. This will be followed by any reminders you create (as mentioned above) and finally by the compliance changes being reported for the day.

Clearinghouse Repository
Within each retailer's repository (for monitored retailers with public sites only), documents will now appear starting with more recent changes first and older changes last.

A couple of changes have taken place in this area. First, users now have the capability of viewing and printing out a hierarchical view of their portfolio selections (condensed by retailer then category).

Second, Clearinghouse user administrators can now set up portfolio alert views and assign them to other users on their roster. This is especially helpful when a new user is added to the roster to ensure the proper retailer and category mix is selected and loaded. It also comes in handy when changes need to be made to multiple users' portfolios.

Twenty changes are listed per page on both views (all changes and portfolio changes) as opposed to ten.

Retailer Central
Per member request, new retailers added to Retailer Central will now be flagged for 30 days.

Changes in the Clearinghouse now go back four years. Older inapplicable changes have been removed to make searching the database and loading information faster and more streamlined.

For assistance with using these as well as the other great functionalities within the Compliance Clearinghouse, we encourage you to view the FAQ's link in the Clearinghouse site. And, as always, you're always welcome to contact us and we'll be happy to walk you through any feature you need help with.

For those of you that are not using the Compliance Clearinghouse, there are a number of features available, in addition to those mentioned above, that allow you to manage compliance changes quickly and efficiently:

  • Daily e-mail alerts of changes made to compliance sites including change descriptions and links to where the changes reside
  • The ability to set up your own portfolio to receive changes for only the retailers and categories you choose
  • Change management tools including archiving, search functionality, download capability, and the ability to e-mail changes to others in your company
  • The document repository for historical information useful in researching claims and post audits
  • Retailer Central – a collection of over 250 compliance site URL's along with pertinent portal and TMS links

Future enhancements are in development including customization and collaborative tools. We invite you to send in your suggestions for enhancements as well. Feel free to contact us any time for assistance, demos, or feedback.