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From the Desk of Kim Zablocky:
What To Expect in 2013

RVCF LogoWe're looking forward to 2013! The RVCF crew has been hard at work developing the programs that will be offered this year. For suppliers, there will be programs focusing on business process improvement; automation and workflow of purchase order changes and management; reducing freight claims and better managing "on-time performance;" development of retail scorecards, the metrics and how to communicate with your retail customer; and RFID utilization and ROI while meeting your retail customers' requirements. Additionally, we'd like to establish groups, by product lines, which would work with retail customers to address unique issues that pertain to their product flow and speed to market.

For retailers, we're focusing on retail-supplier scorecards and influencing our retail partners' processes to bring alignment throughout the industry while allowing suppliers the ability to better manage their performance ranking. We're also taking a look at RFID ROI, which has proven challenging in that we're still navigating the murky waters to determine if it will be the inventory tracker and visibility tool that's been promised - it's utility has to be adopted by a greater number of retailers and those retailers would need to expand from pilot programs to full implementation. Finally, we'll demonstrate how RFID will benefit retailers financially. Another topic of interest is the adoption of the 410/820 debit/credit abridged set of reason codes that have been presented by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank's Remittance Coalition Committee, allowing vendors to improve cash application and the reconciliation process. And... Inventory Planning & Replenishment - that says it all! RVCF will take a deep dive into the flow and visibility of inventory, lean philosophy, and identifying better ways of collaborating with suppliers to improve planning and forecasting practices.

Of course, RVCF's primary directive will always be to bring retailers and their merchandise suppliers together. RVCF sells memberships and event registrations, but what you'll find is many of our services are free and included with membership. No hidden agenda, no product sales pressure, just facilitation of putting trading partners together.

If you're a retailer looking at the RVCF, don't think we represent anyone product vertical. Hardlines, softlines, it doesn't matter. The "Perfect Order" philosophy is based around "error free workflow" so whether it's skirts, pet food or hammers you're procuring, a retailer must communicate with their suppliers the terms and conditions of doing business, document the "deal," show them how to accept and prepare orders, demonstrate EDI and technology basics as well as packing and shipping product, and finally, payment and reconciliation. Speed to market in any sales channel gives all retailers a competitive edge and for the merchandise suppliers, increased sales and margin.

Like synchronizing a dance, it takes practice and communication.