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Retailers: Free Service so No Vendor is Left Behind

No Vendor Left Behind LogoIf you are a retailer and you had to immediately communicate with all of your suppliers simultaneously, could you do it? Could you track whether they received the communication? Could you verify that the communication went beyond the supplier's sales team?

The answer is likely "no" or "not sure."

And what about a new initiative that you are implementing? Chances are, your top tier suppliers will adopt these requirements relatively quickly, but your second tier may have difficulty adopting the change or even understanding the requirements.

No Vendor Left Behind provides retailers access to no charge services that include supplier contact data acquisition, cleanup and detailed training for your second tier suppliers.

No Vendor Left Behind is a web-based learning tool that is really designed to help retailers provide training to their non-top tier suppliers. The goal is to help retailers ease the burden of training and communication by giving your second tier and seasonal suppliers the tools and strategies they need to help meet your business requirements. We work to provide retailers with unique insights into the vendors' challenges. We truly understand why vendors fail and what they need to do to succeed.

We build and provide retailers with a training process that includes the tools, summaries and step-by-step guidelines that provide strategies to help vendors succeed. We help lighten the load for retailers by delivering and developing the training. We take the lead in developing the training materials, which frees up some of your work and resources. We manage the entire registration process, from helping you clean your suppliers' contact information to providing the registration and communication. We can deliver the training either as a live webinar or in an on-demand format. Live webinars allow for interactive discussion between you and your suppliers, giving them the ability to ask questions so you can provide clarification. We then record those discussions and allow additional suppliers to listen to the content on their own time - this proves to be especially beneficial for new hires or with on-boarding new suppliers. Additionally, it allows you (the retailer) to include links on your vendor portal as a great reference tool.

We work with you to develop a course curriculum that fits your needs. We help develop content to increase adherence to your processes and help vendors focus on corrective actions to streamline your deduction processing and improve overall communication. As we develop the content, we zero in on taking what you want your suppliers to do and turning it into how the suppliers can do it. Our strength is identifying where suppliers find challenges and building a simplified program that sets them up for success.

We very clearly and concisely communicate the information, provide summaries at high levels and deliver specific details and step-by-step procedures. We include frequently asked questions that provide the information they need to be successful in complying with your requirements.

Retailers can choose different levels of involvement in all phases of the program, be it very involved in the development and/or actual training or taking a step back and letting us lead the process.

As this is a free service to you the retailer, what do you have to lose?

No Vendor Left Behind
With a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in both the compliance and chargeback arena, RVCF and Attain Consulting Group, LLC have joined forces to create No Vendor Left Behind. This cost effective, web-based learning tool combines RVCF's expertise in fostering trading partner communication and collaboration with Attain Consulting Group's practical, experience-based solutions and is a "win-win" for retailers and their suppliers alike. For more information about the No Vendor Left Behind program, visit us on the web at or contact us at