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  OCTOBER 2013

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From the Desk of Kim Zablocky:
RVCF Does All That!

As we near the RVCF Annual Fall Conference, I thought it might be a good time to reflect on our values as a Retail-Merchandise Supplier organization. For suppliers, we monitor retailers' compliance requirements, informing you within 24 hours of any change that affects your shipments, assuring that non-compliance charges are not assessed because you missed something. We put you together with your peers to discuss issues confronting suppliers in our monthly open forum teleconferences and online forum boards. We conduct deep dives and surveys to identify root causes for comparative purposes. We bring you access to your largest retail customers and offer training and seminars on timely issues, brought to you by both retailers as well as industry experts.

For retailers, we explore best practices in supplier relationship management, scorecards, metrics, communications and negotiations. We offer free to our retail members, supplier communication portals, including our "supplier data clean-up" through which we scrub supplier contact lists, to ensure valid communications to the right people/competencies to their organizations. RVCF will conduct one survey annually at no cost, allowing you to seek input from over 100 major U.S. retailers; these surveys usually detail requests for specific data or best practice needs. We also hold monthly open forum teleconferences for you to exchange ideas and best practices, allowing you to address your supply chain challenges. We'll work with you to provide webinars and seminars on timely subjects for tier one, new, and seasonal suppliers as well as assist you in organizing training programs and one-on-one meetings to boost and fortify collaboration.

Together, RVCF invests its time in projects like the Minneapolis, MN Fed Reserves Remittance Coalition, working with many interested companies in streamlining debit/credit payment transaction codes, reducing errors and speeding the cash application process. We explore the causes and effects of PO changes, dig deep into ASN and shipment accuracy, and perform annual studies around vendor compliance programs, including the RVCF Deduction Policy Review.

Finally, everyone I speak with these days is complaining about budgets - no money for this and no money for that. I've been listening to that for 20 years and I assure you that if the ROI exceeds the cost of any business investment, your management will make that investment. That said, the average cost for attending RVCF semiannual events is approximately $2,500.00. How much would it cost you to visit five or more of your top retail customers or suppliers at their HQ's or DC's? What we offer to both retailers and merchandise suppliers is not only cost effective, it promotes your businesses as a proactive trading partners.

There's still time to register for the RVCF Fall Conference! The benefits of attending far outweigh the costs. The Kierland is sold out (though there is a waiting list - first come, first served), but the Hampton Inn has a few rooms remaining and the discounted room rates have been extended through Monday, October 14th. There's also a Courtyard and Spring Hill nearby that I'm sure would be more than happy to reserve a room, suite or entire hotel.