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  JANUARY 2014

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RVCF & Supply Chain Insights Scorecard Survey
Victor Engesser, RVCF

We need your help in order to make 2014 one of the most informative years ever for understanding the critical link between scorecarding best practices and corporate financial performance! You can do this by participating in our survey going out this month titled "How Do You Use Retail Scorecards to Improve Corporate Performance?". Plus, your participation earns you a copy of the finished survey.

Scorecard Performance

At RVCF we believe that building and using a better retail scorecard requires a complete understanding of which metrics matter the most and how these metrics influence corporate performance. To help our retail members fully understand these metrics and their relationships to bottom line results, RVCF has partnered with Supply Chain Insights to help us research and present industry best thinking on this subject.

If you are not familiar with Supply Chain Insights, the company was founded in 2002 by Lora Cecere. Supply Chain Insights is focused on delivering independent, actionable, and objective advice for supply chain leaders. They work to understand which practices and technology make the biggest difference to corporate performance; they do this by analyzing supply chain trends, evolving technologies and which metrics matter. Lora has been studying the progress of supply chain leaders that are successfully balancing growth, profitability, cycles, and complexity and has termed this the Supply Chain Effective Frontier. Using a database of over 50 financial ratios with 20 years of data, the Supply Chain Insights team is able to determine which metrics matter for a specific industry and they're even able to drill down to a specific company.


This prior research, combined with a deep understanding of retailer scorecard metrics and supplier performance management obtained from the survey, will help us uncover new and important insights around the scorecard metrics and business activities that truly matter most to retailer performance.

Lora will present the results of this research at the RVCF Spring Conference in Florida; whether you are a retailer or supplier we invite you to attend this important session on May 5, 2014 and look forward to seeing you there.