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  April 2014

Upcoming Events

Retailer Open Forum
Conference Call

2014 Spring Conference
Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa

Retailer Open Forum
Conference Call

Supplier Open Forum
Conference Call

2014 Fall Conference
Camelback Inn Resort & Spa


2014 Collaboration Workshop
Newark, NJ


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From the Desk of Kim Zablocky:
The Ever Evolving Retail Landscape

Wow, I can't believe it's mid-April - where's this year going! 2014 is panning out to be a very active year conference-wise. In just three short weeks we'll be hosting the RVCF Spring Conference in Sanibel Island, Fort Myers, FL. With much appreciation we have exceeded the last five years in attendance.

RVCF is also planning a one-and-a-half day program, or you might call a mini-conference, in Newark, NJ for mid-September, giving the Tri-State Area folks a chance to experience an RVCF event. We also plan to take the attendees to a retailer's consolidation center, to experience first-hand how their goods are received, sorted and shipped. Stay tuned for date/time and location at the end of this month.

Finally, the Fall Conference is only a little more than six months away (I told you this year was going fast). Doug Stephens, the founder of Retail Prophet and this year's keynote speaker, will look into the future to help our audience envision the place where they need to be, gather insight into what they need to do to adapt and evolve, and how they need to innovate to enjoy business success tomorrow and beyond. Companies shouldn't just focus on what's happening today versus what going to happen tomorrow.

The Fall Conference will have 60 programs and five tracks. The tracks of interest are:

  • Traditional Compliance, including doing business in Canada, reducing packaging costs, reducing and/or better managing compliance charges, eliminating shortages/shrinkage, best practices in loss prevention in the supply chain, the retail supplier portal of the future (a futuristic view of how retailers and suppliers will communicate), retail and supplier open forums, and more
  • Omni-channel Process Flow and Fulfillment, including best practices in drop ship, e-commerce scorecarding, buy online/pick-up in store, store order fulfillment
  • Planning, Forecasting and Maximizing Inventory Value
  • Supply Chain and Retail Requirements, including EDI, RFID, images & attributes
  • Retailer Breakouts/Merchandise Supplier Collaboration Sessions

And of course, well over 600 one-on-one-meetings where retailers and their merchandise suppliers can sit down and have a candid conversation around their business relationships, issues and solutions.

The Fall Conference is a must-attend event if you're looking to improve speed to market, achieve accurate order fulfillment and shipments, and create/maintain a better working relationship with your trading partners, there is no better place!

Kim Zablocky