We bring retailers and suppliers together to solve problems and grow profits.

The pressure to do more with less and meet the omni-channel demands of the end consumer has never been higher. Today's challenges in the retail value chain require innovative solutions and strong trading partner relationships, both of which can only be achieved through ongoing collaboration.

The Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF) provides platforms and opportunities for communication between retail industry stakeholders. From live events and conference calls to webinars and the latest research, we promote education, best practices, technological solutions, and strategic initiatives that enable the industry to move forward as a whole. RVCF works with both retailers and suppliers to elevate customer and supplier relationship management, build mutually beneficial industry guidelines, and reduce costly supply chain delays caused by disconnects, miscommunication, and non-compliance.

Only through collaboration can retailers and suppliers streamline operations, improve supply chain execution, accelerate time to market, meet customer expectations, and become more profitable. RVCF is the driving force behind this collaboration.

– Anna Sylvester, Vendor Relations Director,
Byer California

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