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RVCF White Papers Shed Light on Industry Challenges, Trends and Initiatives

Posted By Administration, Thursday, March 9, 2017
Updated: Wednesday, March 8, 2017


In recent years, we at RVCF have ramped up our efforts to conduct research and provide information that is directly relevant to the questions we receive from members and the pressing issues we hear discussed on a regular basis. Our goal is not just to provide opportunities for collaboration, but to be a valuable resource of knowledge for topics related to the retail supply chain.

All of our white papers, research studies and webinars are available and searchable to RVCF members and non-members through the Thought Leadership Store on the RVCF website. We encourage retailers, merchandise suppliers and service providers to visit the Thought Leadership Store frequently and get up to speed on the latest insights. Here are the five most recent white papers from RVCF.

3 Phases of Effective Supplier Onboarding
A formal, documented supplier onboarding program will ensure that new suppliers understand and are capable of meeting retailer compliance requirements. Most retailers recognize the importance of effective supplier onboarding. It reduces compliance issues that lead to chargebacks, slower flow of goods through the supply chain, shorter sell cycles, more markdowns and unhappy customers. The right onboarding program enables retailers and trading partners to focus on revenue-building initiatives instead of constantly putting out fires.

Despite the value of effective supplier onboarding, few retailers have mastered the process. This white paper walks you through three critical phases of effective onboarding, and reinforces the value of ongoing collaboration and communication, to illustrate how best-in-class retailers help new suppliers succeed.

Click here to download your copy of the white paper, 3 Phases of Effective Supplier Onboarding, from the RVCF Thought Leadership Store.

The State of Compliance Management from the Retailer's Perspective
RVCF conducted an independent survey to assess the true state of compliance management, which is often diluted because the data assumes all suppliers have equal value to the retailer and are treated equally. However, the premise of the survey is that retailers approach compliance differently with different supplier segments, which are defined by the size of the supplier and their role and value to the retailer. Survey data supports this hypothesis.

This white paper discusses what is driving compliance programs, the level of performance, common reasons for compliance issues, the effectiveness of current compliance programs, and changes that must be made to ineffective compliance programs – all broken down into supplier segments. The study also revealed just how few suppliers participate in retailer compliance programs.

Click here to download your copy of the white paper, The State of Compliance Management from the Retailer's Perspective, from the RVCF Thought Leadership Store.

Merchandise Supplier Survey: Compliance Management
RVCF conducted an extensive survey of merchandise suppliers to assess the current state of compliance management. Some suppliers excel at compliance management. Others are completely overwhelmed and constantly playing catch-up, resulting in profit erosion, higher supply chain costs, and tense trading partner relationships.

This white paper illustrates how best-in-class suppliers are approaching compliance in terms of best practices for the management of compliance requirements and deduction, effective onboarding, technology used to optimize these processes, the structure of cross-functional teams, and frequent collaboration. The goal is to help struggling suppliers see what is working, implement the necessary changes, overcome challenges, and manage compliance more effectively.

Click here to download your copy of the white paper, Merchandise Supplier Survey: Compliance Management, from the RVCF Thought Leadership Store.

Expediting the Investigation and Reconciliation of Deduction Claims
Typically, when a supplier receives a deduction claim, there is a lack of detail with regards to the nature of the claim and what exactly caused the violation. When this occurs, the supplier, with a limited window to dispute a claim or request a reversal, wastes time gathering information instead of researching the claim.

When a deduction claim is accompanied by detailed information, the supplier can quickly investigate the claim, determine if it is valid, and either address the problem before future orders are shipped in error or dispute the claim. In both cases, there is no need for unnecessary "back and forth" between retailer and supplier.

RVCF conducted a survey of merchandise suppliers to find out what information is required to identify the reason for a deduction and determine its validity as quickly and efficiently as possible. By sharing the survey's findings, we hope to improve the communication of information related to deduction claims, accelerate deduction investigation and resolution, encourage the automated flow of documentation between trading partners, and provide a foundation for industry guidelines for issuing deduction claims.

Click here to download your copy of the white paper, Expediting the Investigation and Reconciliation of Deduction Claims, from the RVCF Thought Leadership Store.

The State of Drop Shipping Compliance
The survey of retailers and merchandise suppliers that serves as the basis of this white paper was conducted in response to the challenges caused by increased adoption of drop shipping for order fulfillment. With drop shipping, the supplier fulfills the retailer's e-commerce order from the supplier's warehouse or a third party facility without the retailer ever touching the merchandise. Retailer requirements and compliance priorities are very different for this type of order, resulting in new headaches as drop ship initiatives expand.

This white paper identifies areas of alignment and disconnect between retailers and suppliers, pinpoints causes of existing issues and opportunities for improvement, and predicts where drop ship practices and initiatives are headed.

Click here to download your copy of the white paper, The State of Drop Shipping Compliance, from the RVCF Thought Leadership Store.

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