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Retail Collaboration Solutions
Retailer Collaboration To run a better business you need tools and services that keep you closely connected to all your suppliers, allowing you to communicate quickly and effectively, and providing your suppliers with the information and training they need to perform to your expectations. RVCF offers a number of unique tools and support services designed to help you accomplish these objectives.

"My IT team post requirements to our site well after the effective date."

"We can't e-mail our suppliers about changes as they occur."

"Our company doesn't have the resources for a supplier portal."

Retailer Collaboration Groups

As part of the enhanced offerings RVCF's website has to offer, you can now set up your own retail portal within our site. By setting up a Retailer Collaboration Group, you can communicate with your supplier base securely and with ease. Post your trading partner requirements, send notifications in real-time, and much more. Click here to find out more.

"The logistics behind holding a seminar for our suppliers is more effort than it's worth."

"We don't have an effective way to communicate new initiatives to our suppliers."

"If we had regional conferences, our suppliers' entire order management teams could participate."

Supplier Communication Programs

Take advantage of RVCF's expertise in developing and executing events designed to educate your supplier base. Whether you're interested in training, communicating new initiatives, or onboarding suppliers, we specialize in retail event programming and will handle all of the event logistics so you can focus on the essentials. For more information regarding RVCF's Supplier Communication Programs, click here.

"Each department has its own contact list and none of them are clean."

"We don't e-mail our suppliers because half of the e-mails bounce when we try."

"We have contact information for sales and credit. What we need is supply chain and order fulfillment."

Supplier Data Integrity Program

Keeping track of your contact information for your supplier base can be a hassle. With many retailers experiencing that the contacts are scattered amongst the various departments in their organizations, it can be difficult to determine if information is really reaching the right parties. RVCF's Supplier Data Integrity Program can help you obtain the right contacts and keep them up-to-date. Click here to learn how.

"We'd like to communicate with our factory base in a more timely manner."

"We have no way of communicating with our factories."

"Our company doesn't have the resources for a factory portal."

Factory Communications Service

Bring your factory base into the loop without the extra hoops to jump through. With RVCF's Factory Communications service, you can communicate with your factory base securely and with ease. Post your requirements, send notifications in real-time, and much more. Click here to find out more.

For more information about RVCF's Retail Collaboration Solutions, please feel free to contact us.

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