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March 2013
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Updates from the Remittance Coalition

Retailers: Free Service - No Vendor Left Behind

Vendor Compliance: From a 3PL Perspective

RFID - Getting Started...

LTL Carrier Scorecards with Key Process Indicators (KPIs)

RFID 2.0: Taking Item-Level RFID Technology to the Next Stage

New Member Spotlight...

Barrett Distribution

RVCF is a member-based organization focused on promoting best practices, trading partner alignment and collaboration, and technology solutions to streamline operations, lower costs and speed goods to market throughout the retail value chain. RVCF welcomes new member The Buckle. To read about this and other new members, CLICK HERE.

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Complimentary Resources

From Punitive to Partnership - Transforming Retailer Vendor Relationships

Omnichannel Considerations for the Purchase Order Process

Holistic Supply Chain Management

You Know Your Supply Chain Needs To Be Updated When...

Five Steps to a High Performance Retail Supply Chain

The Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain

Best Practices for Shipment Shortages

e-Commerce in the Distribution Center: Making a Graceful Transition


RVCF Compliance Clearinghouse

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky:
Updates from the Remittance Coalition

RVCF LogoAs the RVCF family is aware, we have been participating with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis in the Remittance Coalition. As a long time advocate of reducing cycle time in the cash application and deduction reconciliation process, we have supported the Coalition, which has taken the VICS EDI 426 set of 812 credit/debit adjustment transaction codes and consolidated the number of codes down to a more manageable, more focused number of less than 80.

Retailers: Free Service So No Vendor is Left Behind

If you are a retailer and you had to immediately communicate with all of your suppliers simultaneously, could you do it? Could you track whether they received the communication? Could you verify that the communication went beyond the supplier's sales team?

The answer is likely "no" or "not sure."

And what about a new initiative that you are implementing? Your second tier suppliers may have difficulty adopting the change or even understanding the requirements.

Vendor Compliance: From a 3PL Perspective

We continue our series of 7 Steps to Reduce Chargebacks in Your Vendor Compliance Program.

  • Step 1 - Quantify the financial impact of chargebacks
  • Step 2 - Utilize an advanced warehouse management system (WMS).
  • Step 3 - Get EDI Right
  • Step 4 - Make compliance someone's full time job
  • Step 5 - Develop a better audit process


RFID - Getting Started...

Many suppliers to large retailers in the United States have been requested to provide their product with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This phenomenon is not only occurring in the United States, but throughout Europe and the Americas. The selected product suppliers have little choice but to embrace the technology to be compliant with their retail customers. It is important for a supplier to understand the benefits of RFID and the associated Electronic Product Code (EPC) for the retailer. It is also important for a supplier to understand what potential benefits they can gain within their own "four walls" from having EPC-enabled product.

RFID Live! 2013

RFID Journal LIVE! 2013
11th Annual Conference and Exhibition
Apr. 30 - May 2, 2013, Orlando, FL

The One RFID Event That Has It All

RFID Journal LIVE! 2013, our eleventh annual conference and exhibition, is the only event where you can learn how to use RFID technologies to improve your business, from real-world case studies across all applications, including asset tracking, logistics and transportation, supply chain management, warehouse and inventory management, security and more. Meet the leading industry experts and more than 200 technology providers, at the world's most important RFID event.

Register by Mar. 22 to save up to $800! RVCF VIP Discount - Save 20% with promo code FAKJ

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RVCF New Member Spotlight

RVCF is a member-based organization focused on promoting best practices, trading partner alignment and collaboration, and technology solutions to streamline operations, lower costs and speed goods to market throughout the retail value chain. RVCF welcomes new members Breaking Waves International, David's Bridal, Celebrity Pink, Marcolin USA and The Buckle.

LTL Carrier Scorecard with Key Process Indicators (KPIs) 

The less than truckload (LTL) carrier scorecard with key process indicators (KPI) is an excellent tool for measuring and managing LTL performance and LTL carrier performance. The LTL scorecard becomes a roadmap for driving LTL shipping improvements.

RFID 2.0: Taking Item-Level RFID Technology to the Next Stage

There is a familiar cycle to the evolution of ANY technology – from initial experimentation and prototyping, to early adopters, to mainstream use, to maturity and stabilization, and then through various waves of improvement or ultimately, obsolescence.

The RFID technology space is no different, although even those of us close to the industry are somewhat awestruck by the amount of attention and hype it has received over the years. It seemed as if RFID has been touted as the savior for so many things and at a certain point had reached such an incredible status that there was no questioning that this was going to be one of the most successful technologies of all time for item-level identification and tracking.

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