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  AUGUST 2013
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Proactive = Winner

Monitor and Reduce the Purchase Order Lifecycle for Financial Performance

Innovation in the Global Supply Chain - Being Small and Innovative in a Big Market

Supplier Collaboration Takes on a Whole New Form - In the Cloud

Upcoming Export Clearance Changes and Reengineering of the Automated Export System

Did Sharknado Chew Up All Your Lead Time?

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Still Using the Archaic UPH System? Shame on You!
Warehouse managers should read on if they are not using a labor management system (LMS) for full efficiency and optimization

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From Punitive to Partnership - Transforming Retailer Vendor Relationships

Omnichannel Considerations for the Purchase Order Process

You Know Your Supply Chain Needs To Be Updated When...

Five Steps to a High Performance Retail Supply Chain

The Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain

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From the Desk of Kim Zablocky:
Proactive = Winner

RVCF LogoWinners are proactive. Back in 2000, when we set out to create the Vendor Compliance Federation, the purpose was two-fold:

1. To bring manufacturers and wholesalers together to best practice order fulfillment requirements by retailer specification.

2. Retail access.

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Monitor and Reduce the Purchase Order Lifecycle for Financial Performance
Richard Wilhjelm, Compliance Networks

In my previous article dated July 11th, we discussed how critical on-time and complete shipments are to the retailer's margin targets. In addition to not meeting margin targets, we also discussed the impact to the retailer's brand as a direct result of poor on-time/complete performance or out of stocks (OOS). A big part of ensuring on-time/complete performance is measuring and understanding the retailer's purchase order lifecycle and anticipating the risks before they occur. In part three of the five steps retailers can take to mitigate margin risk we will examine the importance of not only monitoring the retailer's purchase order lifecycle, but reducing it.

Innovation in the Global Supply Chain - Being Small and Innovative in a Big Market
Mark Davison, Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.

Being from a small country at the bottom of the world and now happily living in the continental USA occasionally invites one to reflect on the differences you see in scale, culture, and market forces inherent in a small economy verses the same at play within the world's largest economy. Like companies, countries have subtle (and non-subtle) pressures and influences that lead to innovation, which can lead to the evolution of a competitive advantage in the wider marketplace for the company and/or a nation. For example, in New Zealand, the economic history was based on farming to feed the United Kingdom. At the bottom of the world and miles away from the market meant that farmers in New Zealand had to be more efficient in producing top quality beef and wool.

Supplier Collaboration Takes on a Whole New Form - In the Cloud
Heidi Benko, GT Nexus

Cloud networks are enabling more collaborative business relationships. With that, new opportunities for business growth are emerging. Processes around supplier collaboration and management, including forecasts, orders, invoices, packing, ASNs, settlement and trade financing - generally not the most provocative topics - suddenly garner attention when moved to the cloud.

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I'll Go Anywhere as Long as It's Forward1: Upcoming Export Clearance Changes and Reengineering of the Automated Export System
Melissa Miller Proctor, Esq., Sandler, Travis and Rosenberg, P.A.

For those companies that were not able to attend the Bureau of Industry and Security's ("BIS") Update Conference on Export Controls and Policy, held in Washington, D.C. on July 23 through 25, 2013, this article provides an update on the latest developments surrounding the Automated Export System ("AES") reengineering initiative as well as the key AES changes that will go into effect on January 8, 2014. Traditional exporters as well as online retail/e-commerce exporters should be aware of these upcoming changes and ready themselves accordingly.

Did Sharknado1 Chew Up All Your Lead Time?
Stuart Dunkin, Data Profits Inc.

Lead Time is a large factor in your supply chain performance. Like a shark chewing voraciously, Lead Time variability chews up profits in multiple ways. A shorter than expected lead time causes overstocks with additional carrying costs, theft, and potential damage issues. A longer than expected lead time creates out of stock service issues or additional product and freight costs and devours customer opinions and bottom line profits.


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