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  January 2014
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A Look Ahead

RVCF & Supply Chain Insights Scorecard Survey

Are You Ready for a C-TPAT Exporter Security Regime?

Caught Off Guard this Holiday Season

New Member Spotlight

"The Secret of Life Is Honesty and Fair Dealing - If You Can Fake That, You've Got It Made"

LinkedIn Group Discussion Spotlight

Vendor Compliance from a 3PL Perspective: Creating a Realistic Implementation Plan

Holiday 2013 Lessons Learned: Re-evaluate Your Merchandise Planning Process

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Still Using the Archaic UPH System? Shame on You!

EDI User Report

From Punitive to Partnership - Transforming Retailer Vendor Relationships

Omnichannel Considerations for the Purchase Order Process

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From the Desk of Kim Zablocky:
A Look Ahead

RVCF Logo2014 should be an active year for RVCF. We plan a deep dive into the following areas that have long interested our membership...

RVCF & Supply Chain Insights Scorecard Survey

We need your help in order to make 2014 one of the most informative years ever for understanding the critical link between scorecarding best practices and corporate financial performance!

You can do this by participating in our survey going out this month titled "How Do You Use Retail Scorecards to Improve Corporate Performance?" Plus, your participation earns you a copy of the finished survey.

Are You Ready for a C-TPAT Exporter Security Regime?
Bill Ferguson, NYK Line (North America) Inc.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is working with the Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection (COAC) Exports and Trusted Trader Subcommittees to co-create a future new export process model and trusted trader program for Trade's consideration. Are you ready for a C-TPAT for exports? If you are an importer that also exports or a pure exporter, a carrier, a forwarder, FTZ, or any other intermediary you may want to begin to follow this activity.

Caught Off Guard this Holiday Season
Tamara Saucier, GT Nexus

Retailers were ready this year. After all of the talk about online sales, omni-channel retail, and same day delivery, retailers were ready to re-write the holiday shopping season playbook by running leaner in-store while being faster and more responsive on the supply chain side, retaining fewer staff in-store and less inventory on shelves, and keeping more workers in warehouses and DC's. All of the pipework was in place for the online shopping rush. The shopping faucets were turned on early, starting well before Thanksgiving. Time to deliver the goods.

In the end, the National Retail Federation estimates that online purchases this holiday season accounted for...

RVCF New Member Spotlight

RVCF is a member-based organization focused on promoting best practices, trading partner alignment and collaboration, and technology solutions to streamline operations, lower costs and speed goods to market throughout the retail value chain. RVCF welcomes new member Jelly Belly.

"The Secret of Life Is Honesty and Fair Dealing - If You Can Fake That, You've Got It Made"1
Melissa Miller Proctor, Esq., Sandler, Travis and Rosenberg, P.A.

No, the focus of this article is not on the great comedians of yesteryear, but rather on the protection of intellectual property rights - specifically, the safeguards that can be taken by the owner and importer to protect their investments and avoid dealings in counterfeit and infringing ("fake") merchandise.

RVCF LinkedIn Groups Discussion Highlights

RVCF offers retail industry professionals the opportunity to discuss supply chain and inventory related topics within LinkedIn Groups. Our three primary groups include "Building and Using a Better Retail Scorecard", "Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF)" and "RVCF - Retail Inventory Planning and Replenishment."

Vendor Compliance from a 3PL Perspective: Creating a Realistic Implementation Plan
Scott Weiss, Taylored Services

With the peak season of Q4 behind them, it is common for clients to make key warehouse and distribution decisions at the start of a year; so, with the New Year comes new implementations. We are very often asked the question, "What is a realistic timeframe to be up and running?"


Holiday 2013 Lessons Learned: Re-evaluate Your Merchandise Planning Process
Dwight D. Hill, The Retail Advisory LLC

There couldn't be a stronger case for re-evaluating inventory management and merchandise planning functions than the case of Holiday 2013. Traffic slumped. Many retailers struggled, especially in the teen segment. Mother Nature brought two major winter storms. The calendar also didn't cooperate - the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas was the shortest since 2002. As a result, Holiday 2013 turned out to be one of the most dismal on record. Worse yet - many apparel retailers were overstocked, resulting in a frenzy of promotions. 50% off become the new 25% off as chains from H&M to Banana Republic to The Gap offered huge discounts off entire purchases. All the sales, however, didn't motivate the customer as hoped, resulting in heaps of merchandise at 75% off after Christmas. Clearly, there will be some profit hangovers during the January/February earnings season.

IMS Results Count

Top 5 Most Popular Posts for 2013: What do you think made the list?
After 50 weekly posts, 23,500 plus pageviews and over 200 comments another year is coming to an end. We were wondering which of our 367 total posts were the most popular in 2013. So we did what we do, ran some reports and analyzed the metrics for the results.

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