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  July 2015

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Compliance Clearinghouse Demo & Tutorial
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Managing Retail Deductions Workshop
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2015 Fall Conference
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RFID in Retail Planning Guide

2015 Parcel Market Report

STUDY: Trading Partner Interface of the Future

Biggest Supply Chain Challenges of 2014

Collaboration 2.0: The Empowered Supply Chain


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From the Desk of Kim Zablocky:
Look for a Deep Dive into EDI at the RVCF Fall Conference

RVCF LogoEDI is still alive and well, but it has become somewhat of a lost art. A number of folks in the retail industry, particularly the younger generation, don't fully understand EDI. Many companies lack in-house EDI expertise and are using very old software that can't be updated to the latest and greatest version of EDI.

That's why the RVCF Fall Conference will take a deep dive into EDI communication in a number of sessions.

The State of Retailer-Vendor Relations 2015 Survey

Please respond by July 15, 2015

Customer Deductions continue to challenge companies across dozens of industries. Understanding best practices and evaluating benchmark information can help you measure your performance as well as provide insights for process improvement.

RVCF is pleased to support Attain Consulting Group in the launch of it 2015 Customer Deduction Survey.

This 50 question survey is intended for Merchandise Suppliers only and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. All participants will receive a copy of the survey results with key benchmarks by industry and the results will be presented at the RVCF Fall Conference 11/8-11 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

CLICK HERE to take the survey.


Are You Taking Full Advantage of the RVCF Compliance Clearinghouse?

A number of RVCF merchandise supplier members claim that the Compliance Clearinghouse more than pays for the cost of membership. In fact, some suppliers have said that this service, which is free with RVCF membership, was their primary reason for becoming a member. Unfortunately, a number of suppliers aren't doing nearly enough to maximize the benefits of the Compliance Clearinghouse.

Yusen, We Have a Problem: The ABC's of PDCA - Part 1
Kirk White, Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.

It's summer time - beach season - the time when many commit themselves to a fitness plan in order to shed a few extra pounds or get back into shape. This is a great correlation to what happens in a gemba when a problem is discovered. The last few months' articles have given tools and (hopefully) inspired you to standardize processes and put visualization in place so that you can easily identify members of The Anomaly Family (see last month's article). But what happens when an anomaly is discovered? Action must be taken. This problem must be solved; this process improved. This is the FINAL step of Kaizen (Make the Rule, Follow the Rule, IMPROVE THE RULE).

How Can Supply Chains Facilitate Responsible and Ethical Sourcing?
Leela Rao-Kataria, GT Nexus

As consumers, it's easy to forgo thoughts of sourcing in lieu of cheap prices. Just consider the many retailers who get by on razor thin margins by offering customers the lowest prices. But more often than not, these extremely low priced items come at a cost, and traditionally that cost is to suppliers and workers in the developing economies where the items are produced. We've all heard about poor factory and worker conditions, not to mention unfair wages and child labor all being issues with suppliers. By selectively purchasing from retailers who comply with ethical work standards and fair pay, consumers are signaling that they are not willing to purchase items produced under abysmal conditions.

Compliance Clearinghouse

Join us on July 22nd for a demo and tutorial on how to effectively use the RVCF Compliance Clearinghouse to cut back on errors and deductions. Whether you're a first time user or a long-time member, we'll show you how to make the most of this service and what it has to offer.

What We'll Cover

  • How the Clearinghouse works
  • What's available with the service
  • Navigation basics
  • Tips and tricks to streamline compliance change management
  • Recommendations on incorporating into your cross functional teams' processes

This is for merchandise suppliers and select 3PL service providers only. Space is limited; registration will be closed once the maximum number of participants is reached. Participation is subject to approval.


Register here.

Ask a 3PL Expert: 3PL Relationship Questions
Scott Weiss, Port Logistics Group

Q. We outsource all of our distribution. Can we have the retailer send chargebacks directly to our warehouse provider?
Read the answer...

RVCF New Member Spotlight

RVCF is a member-based organization focused on promoting best practices, trading partner alignment and collaboration, and technology solutions to streamline operations, lower costs and speed goods to market throughout the retail value chain. RVCF welcomes new member Primitives By Kathy and Trade Technologies, Inc.

2015 RVCF Fall Conference

The Preliminary Agenda-at-a-Glance is Out! CLICK HERE to download your copy.

The Gap, Art Peck, and Store Closures
Dwight D. Hill, McMillan Doolittle LLP

Art Peck was pretty busy in June. Mr. Peck, the CEO of The Gap, recently announced plans to shutter a quarter of Gap's U.S. stores. Could this be the canary in the coal mine warning of yet another great American brand's downfall, or rather is it the strategic repositioning of a brand that is responding to consumer shifts? I think several dynamics have long been at play forcing Gap to this place.

U.S. Exporters Should Seek the Assistance of Customs and Border Protection in Resolving Disparate Tariff Classification and Customs Valuation Treatment in Foreign Markets
Melissa Proctor, Polsinelli, P.C.

On June 18, 2015, U.S. Customs and Border Protection ("CPB") published a General Notice in the Federal Register announcing a new process that will allow U.S. exporters to request CBP's assistance in resolving disputes with foreign government authorities involving tariff classification and customs valuation issues. See 80 Fed. Reg. 34924. This new avenue should prove to be an important tool for U.S. companies that may, from time to time, receive pushback from foreign markets on the classifications and values that are being used for their products. Exporters are encouraged to seek assistance from CBP when they encounter differing interpretations on classification and valuation in foreign markets, as they can lead to the disparate treatment of their goods resulting in additional costs and potential liability for foreign customers. In addition, U.S. exporters may experience a competitive disadvantage due to these varying interpretations and costly delays in the clearance of their goods in the countries of importation. The following describes the mechanics of CBP's new process as well as provides tips for preparing and submitting effective requests to CBP.

The Pop-up Shop Payoff: Priming EDI Software for Retailing's Hot Trend
Carol Weidner, eZCom Software

Today's retailing is a wild west of invention, and re-invention. Enter the pop-up shop - an old friend with a serious update. Specialty Retail Report estimates the blossoming sector of retail as an $8 billion per year industry - and that figure doesn't encompass all the pop-up activity.1 This increasingly popular trend marries the best of old and new technologies, adds newness and dimension to the shopping experience, can serve as an excellent branding tool, and increases the profits of both suppliers and retailers.

Why You Can't Just Flip a Switch and Be Omni-Channel

The race to deliver a truly omni-channel experience is well underway. But this isn't as simple as flipping a switch. You can't just decide one day to be omni-channel.

2015 Retail Deductions Workshop

Managing Retail Deductions Workshop Registration Now Open

Join us for a full day workshop as we dig deep into Retail Deductions, including Prevention, Management and Resolution. Then, see where it all happens at the Dynamic Worldwide Consolidation Center. Be prepared to get your hands dirty!


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