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January 2017

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Compliance Clearinghouse Demo & Tutorial
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Retailer Open Forum
Conference Call

Supplier Open Forum
Conference Call

2017 Spring Conference
Crystal Gateway Marriott
Arlington, VA


2017 Fall Conference
JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa
Phoenix, AZ


Complimentary Resources

Expediting the Investigation and Reconciliation of Deduction Claims

The State of Compliance Management from the Retailer's Perspective

Merchandise Supplier Survey: Compliance Management

3 Phases of Effective Supplier Onboarding

Omninomics — Creating a More Connected Value Chain

One Front End, One Back End, One Omnichannel Platform

The Current and Future State of Digital Supply Chain Transformation

The Trading Partner Interface of the Future

The Evolution of the Trading Partner Interface of the Future: Phase Two

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From the Desk of Kim Zablocky:
Keynote and Program Highlights Unveiled for RVCF Spring Conference in DC

RVCF Logo"The company in which you improve most will be least expensive to you."
George Washington

Did you know George Washington kept a diary from the age of 16 until the day before he died, with very few breaks? For 51 years, he recorded his thoughts on family, community events, farming, the weather, issues of the day and, of course, the American Revolution and the presidency. In fact, few people in our nation's history have left such a wealth of information about their life as our first president.


The Benefits of Speaking at an Industry Conference

As great at it is to attend a conference, speaking at a conference can take the experience to a whole new level. Whether you deliver a solo presentation, co-present with a colleague, or participate in a discussion as a panelist or moderator, you raise your profile in the industry. A speaking engagement could very well serve as a career boost for you and a business boost for your company.


2017 Spring Conference


Our early bird rate expires on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 so act now!

Be sure to make your room reservations early as well. Get our special rate of $222 per night by calling the hotel directly and mentioning the RVCF Conference. Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis until sold out or the cut off date of Sunday, April 16, 2017.

Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 920-3230

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Expediting the Investigation and Reconciliation of Deduction Claims

Yusen, We Have a Problem!: In The News Round-up
Mark Kopp, Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.

CBP takes a new look at audits
The November issue of American Shipper has a great article on new audit procedures by Customs and Border Protection (CBP).1 The article starts by reminding us of CBP's switch from enforced compliance to informed compliance. As we've all been working under this system for over 20 years, what's new?


Ask a 3PL Expert: To Count or Not to Count
Scott Weiss, Port Logistics Group

Q. We've instructed our 3PL not to allow carriers to sign bills of lading as "Shipper's Load and Count" (SLC); however, they disregard our instruction because the drivers refuse to count the freight. Do we have any recourse when the 3PL won't abide by our instruction?

Read the answer...

Fill Rate Performance Survey

Happy New Year! Here at RVCF one of our many 2017 New Year resolutions includes helping our members improve Fill Rate Performance. To support this initiative we have recently e-mailed out to both retailers and suppliers a short eight (8) question survey designed to capture your insights about the issues and challenges you see impacting fill rate performance. Your survey feedback will help us benchmark and report back to you on this important trading partner effort. As always, your responses will remain confidential. If you missed this survey e-mail just let us know and we will resend.

Merchandise Supplier Survey: Compliance Management

RVCF New Member Spotlight

RVCF is a member-based organization focused on promoting best practices, trading partner alignment and collaboration, and technology solutions to streamline operations, lower costs and speed goods to market throughout the retail value chain. RVCF welcomes new members '47 and Shark Ninja.


At the Crossroads: Retail Seeks to Redefine Itself
Bryan Nella, GT Nexus

The warning signals have been coming for quite some time. They appear to be getting louder by the day. Disruption in the retail space has sparked discussions of the death of brick-and-mortar and the extent of Amazon's world dominance. We've been hearing about it for years, but traditional retail hasn't collapsed. The physical store has held its own and, with some wind in its sails, consumer spending picked up this holiday season and delivered a 4% increase. That's what makes the stream of post holiday headlines so painful.


Status of U.S. Trade Agreements Likely to Take Center Stage in 2017
Melissa Proctor, Polsinelli, P.C.

What could the election of Donald Trump and a Republican majority in the U.S. Congress mean for U.S. international trade policy in 2017 and beyond? And what are the potential opportunities and challenges for U.S. importers, exporters, manufacturers and retailers?


Compliance Clearinghouse

Join us on January 25th for a demo and tutorial on how to effectively use the RVCF Compliance Clearinghouse to cut back on errors and deductions. Whether you're a first time user or a long-time member, we'll show you how to make the most of this service and what it has to offer.

What We'll Cover

  • How the Clearinghouse works
  • What's available with the service
  • Navigation basics
  • Tips and tricks to streamline compliance change management
  • Recommendations on incorporating into your cross functional teams' processes

This is for merchandise suppliers and select 3PL service providers only. Space is limited; registration will be closed once the maximum number of participants is reached. Participation is subject to approval.

Register Here

Can Audit Guidelines Reduce Trade Disputes? Chasm of Opinion, Impact on Profitability
APEX Analytix

We often talk about the desire to automate and accelerate the sharing of information between trading partners. However, a major obstacle faced in the supplier community continues to be the internal sharing of information. It's one thing to obtain compliance requirements from retailers and ensure that contact information is current, but that's only the first step.


Tools Suppliers Can Use to Internally Communicate Retailer Requirements

We often talk about the desire to automate and accelerate the sharing of information between trading partners. However, a major obstacle faced in the supplier community continues to be the internal sharing of information. It's one thing to obtain compliance requirements from retailers and ensure that contact information is current, but that's only the first step.


ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

All About Retail Compliance: The Supplier's Guide to the Retail Supply Chain
5 Tips for Navigating the Amazon
U.P.C. Reuse Is Reaching a Tipping Point
Best Practices for Communicating Retailer Requirement Changes
How Shippers and Carriers Can Reduce the Risk of Theft

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