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February 2018

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Retailer Open Forum

Supplier Open Forum
Conference Call

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Conference Call

Retailer Open Forum
Conference Call

Supplier Open Forum
Conference Call

2018 Spring Conference
Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites on Sand Key
Clearwater Beach, FL


2018 Fall Conference
Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego
San Diego, CA


Complimentary Resources

Advance Shipping Notification and Inventory Integrity Report

Understanding Partnerships Between Merchandise Suppliers and Drop Shipping/Direct-to-Consumer Service Providers

The Recommended Structure for Compliance Manuals and Websites

Fill Rate Challenges for Retail Trading Partners

Automated Deduction Management as a Key to Collaboration

The State of Drop Shipping Compliance

Expediting the Investigation and Reconciliation of Deduction Claims

Webinar: Are ASNs Still Relevant? More than Ever...

Webinar: Mastering Your Drop Ship Program like a Pro

Webinar: How to Stop Inaccurate ASNs from Stealing Sales

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From the Desk of Kim Zablocky:
Want to Solve Problems? Pick. Up. The. Phone.

RVCF LogoI've been in sales of one form or another since the late 1970s. To be successful in sales back then, you needed a good product, a fair price and, most of all, a good reputation. You could build such a reputation, and a strong business, through word-of-mouth marketing and strong relationships with your customers.


2018 Spring Conference


General Audience:
  • 2-Hour Workshop on Leadership: Key Triggers that Will Help You Understand How to Ascend to a Leadership Role in Your Company
  • Hitting Those OTIF Expectations
  • The Latest in Retailer Portals for Drop Ship Fulfillment (Direct-to-Consumer)
  • Find Out the Legal Explanations for Transportation Claims and Audits
  • Learn Techniques to Prevent Shortages from Theft
  • One-on-One's with Participating Retailers
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Sunset Dinner Cruise
  • Receptions
  • Sponsorships, Booths, & Speaking Opportunities Are Available - Contact Kim Zablocky or Susan Haupt for more information
  • More program highlights and breakouts will be announced closer to the conference
For Retailers Only:
  • Steps to Develop a Compliance Component to Your E-Commerce Initiative
  • Extended Round Table & Open Forum Session
  • Direct-to-Consumer Initiatives Discussed & Explored
  • Building Your Supplier Relationship Management Program from the Ground Up
For Suppliers Only:
  • Successfully Doing Business with Amazon (The Ortega Group Is Back by Popular Demand - Focusing on Operations and Marketing with Amazon)
  • Extended Open Forum Session
  • Manage Deductions with Excel, Including Tips & Best Practices to Get Your Claims Resolved
  • How Robotics and Cloud Automation Can Positively Impact Deductions
  • Understanding European Retailers' Standards & Requirements

Be sure to make your room reservations early as well. Get our special rate of $179 per night by calling the hotel directly and mentioning the RVCF Conference. Rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis until sold out or the cut off date of Sunday, April 8, 2018.

Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites on Sand Key
1201 Gulf Boulevard
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
(727) 596-1100

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Understanding Partnerships Between Merchandise Suppliers and Drop Shipping/Direct-to-Consumer Service Providers

Retail Value Chain 101: Surveying Suppliers and Acting on Their Feedback

Many retailers want to hear from their trading partners in the merchandise supplier community. Retailers want to know what suppliers like and don't like. They want to know what suppliers need from retailers to improve performance. Retailers also want to know how they compare with other retailers. However, there's a big difference between casually asking for feedback during a random conversation and taking a disciplined approach to surveying suppliers on a regular basis.


RVCF 2019 Fall Conference

Retail Value Chain 101: How to Prevent Chargebacks for Barcode Labels that Won't Scan

For retailers, a well-constructed compliance manual acts as the foundation upon which a supply chain scorecard and compliance program is built. By providing merchandise suppliers with all the information and direction they'll need to comply with the retailer's expectations, a compliance manual charts the course for successful execution. This set of "how to do business with us" requirements typically lives on the retailer's website or a separate web portal.


2018 Customer Deduction Survey

Response Requested by February 23, 2018

Customer Deductions and Chargebacks continue to adversely affect companies across dozens of industries. The ability to understand best practices and evaluate benchmark information is critical to measuring performance and highlighting improvement opportunities.

To help companies develop their roadmap in order to Take Control of Deductions, Attain Consulting Group is pleased to launch their 2018 Customer Deduction Survey.  This comprehensive survey covers areas such as deduction metrics, invalid deductions and recoveries, and organizational structure to manage deductions. 

To assist you in completing the survey, this email includes the following documents:

§  Deduction Survey Questions (Word format) – allows you to review questions and gather information / circulate to others for assistance prior to completing online survey

§  Deduction Survey Worksheet – lists key data elements and information needed to complete survey

All survey participants will receive an advance copy of the survey results with key benchmarks by industry!!

Click the link to take the survey:  Survey Link

The results of this survey will be presented at the RVCF Spring Conference in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Jessica Butler  
Attain Consulting Group I Attain Academy
Take Control of Deductions

RVCF New Member Spotlight

RVCF is a member-based organization focused on promoting best practices, trading partner alignment and collaboration, and technology solutions to streamline operations, lower costs and speed goods to market throughout the retail value chain. RVCF welcomes new members CVS Health, Dunham’s Sports, and Gina Group.


Advance Shipping Notification and Inventory Integrity Report

Yusen, We Have a Problem!: Think Traps! (Part One)
Kirk White, Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.

Homer: "Not a bear in sight. The Bear Patrol must be working like a charm."
Lisa: "That's specious reasoning, Dad."
Homer: "Thank you, dear."
Lisa and Homer Simpson in The Simpsons "Much Apu About Nothing"

"It's a TRAP!"
-Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi


Poking the Russian Bear: New Developments in the U.S. Sanctions Policy Targeting Russia
Melissa Proctor, Miller Proctor Law PLLC

U.S. importers should be aware that U.S. Customs and Border Protection ("CBP") has begun scrutinizing imported goods suspected of being made with North Korean forced labor, as required by the recently enacted Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act ("CAATSA"). CBP appears to be focusing on import shipments from areas in China and Russia bordering on North Korea, and has seized several shipments and issued Requests for Information ("CF-28s") to U.S. importers asking for documentation that proves that no forced North Korean labor was involved in the production of the goods.


RVCF 2018 Annual Fall Conference

Did you know that the Standard for GTIN Reuse across all industries will change on December 31, 2018? What can you do to get ready?

The standard for GTIN Reuse will be changed in December 2018: a GTIN allocated to a trade item SHALL NOT be reallocated to another trade item. The only exceptions include:

  • If a GTIN has been assigned to an item, which was then never actually produced, the GTIN may be deleted from any catalogue immediately without first being marked as discontinued. In this exception use case, the GTIN may be reused 12 months after deletion from the seller’s catalogue.
  • Trade items that have been withdrawn from the market and are reintroduced may use their original GTIN, if they are reintroduced without any modifications or changes that require a new GTIN, as specified by the GTIN Management Standard.

To learn more join GS1 US, SVP, Carrie Wilkie, a GS1 Standards expert, to learn how your company can prepare.

  • This webinar will deliver an overview of the changing standard and a checklist approach to help you get ready.
  • Reserve your spot. (If you can’t attend in person, register anyway and we will send you a link to the on-demand recording.)

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

Best Practices for Communicating Retailer Requirement Changes
Suppliers: Is a Lack of Management Buy-In Affecting Compliance?
Retail Value Chain 101: Time to Clean Up Your Compliance Manual and Website
Retail Value Chain 101: Why Suppliers Need Internal Audit Processes that Mimic Those of Retailers
Retail Value Chain 101: What Is Vendor Compliance, and Why Does It Exist?

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