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One-on-One Meetings


At the core of RVCF's mission is the desire to bring retailers and suppliers together to solve problems. This is why we host hundreds of One-on-One meetings at every RVCF Spring and Fall Conference. Every single One-on-One represents an opportunity for trading partners to better understand each other's needs, resolve issues, and strengthen the relationship.

A One-on-One meeting is a prescheduled meeting that is held in a designated area during an RVCF Conference. This area is closely monitored by RVCF staff to ensure that only those attendees who have scheduled One-on-One meetings are admitted. Each retailer is assigned one or more tables, depending on how many representatives the retailer makes available for One-on-Ones. Suppliers move to the appropriate retailer tables according to the predetermined meeting schedule.

One-on-One Meetings

Planning for One-on-One Meetings

Retailers that would like to schedule One-on-One meetings with suppliers should notify RVCF as far in advance of the RVCF Spring and Fall Conferences as possible. Suppliers that would like to schedule One-on-Ones will receive a One-on-One Request Survey after paying their conference registration fee. Suppliers must indicate which retailers they would like to meet and why, and provide valid supplier numbers.

Participating retailers will then receive a list of suppliers that have requested One-on-One meetings, the topics they would like to discuss, and their supplier numbers. Based on that information, the retailer will provide RVCF with an approved list of suppliers and RVCF will schedule the One-on-One meetings.

Unfortunately, suppliers are not guaranteed to receive every meeting they request because retailers often receive more requests than they can accommodate. Retailers are encouraged to make as many representatives available for One-on-One as possible, while suppliers are encouraged to register early and be specific about topics that they would like to discuss during each meeting.

Every RVCF Spring and Fall Conference enables retailers and suppliers to meet in person with multiple trading partners in a three-day span. However, One-on-One meetings provide a unique opportunity for trading partners to roll up their sleeves, identify the root causes of specific issues, and come up with solutions that benefit both sides.

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