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Compliance Clearinghouse

Take Control of Compliance,
Once and for All

The RVCF Compliance Clearinghouse monitoring solution tracks your customers' compliance guidelines and pushes those changes directly to the individuals in your organization who are on the front lines of compliance.

We categorize, interpret, and prioritize changes so your staff can quickly take action on any updates required to remain in compliance and avoid deductions and chargebacks.

5 Key Benefits of Compliance Clearinghouse:

  • Avoid non-compliance charges
  • Eliminate shipping errors
  • Boost scorecard performance
  • Improve top and bottom line
  • Redeploy staff resources
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Customized daily alerts outline your customers' compliance changes, and keep you one step ahead.   Subscribers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in deductions because of RVCF's Compliance Clearinghouse service.

Monitor Compliance Guides Monitors your customers' compliance guidelines, analyzing thousands of web pages daily
Summarize and Prioritize Changes Summarizes and prioritizes all compliance guideline changes
Streamlines Workflow Catalog, search and save updates to streamline your workflow
Daily Change Alerts Daily change alerts based on each user's predetermined criteria 
Unlimited Access Unlimited subscriber access
Document Repository Document repository for easy access to retailer requirements
Archives Changes Archives changes to defend against post audit deductions
Clearinghouse Alert Example
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