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RVCF LINK focuses on the challenges and trends relevant to today's changing retail landscape. Our newsletter contains case studies, articles of note, and original content regarding collaborative initiatives, research, and training occurring in the world of RVCF.

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October 2018

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: 2018 RVCF Annual Fall Conference Recap: The Energy Was Contagious

The GTIN Rules are Changing! from GS1 US

A.I. Doesn't Always Mean the End of the World by Kirk White, Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.

Supply Chain: Cost Center or Sales Enabler? by Richard Wilhjelm, Traverse Systems 

Is Data Indispensable for Retail Industry? by Pulakesh Barua, dataZen Engineering 

What’s the Impact? Translating Scorecard KPIs into What Users Need to Know by Victor Engesser of RVCF

In 2019, Retailers and Suppliers Will Need Each Other More Than Ever by RVCF 

Member Spotlights: The Betesh Group, McCubbin and Topson Downs

August 2018

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Time for Both Sides of the Aisle to Revisit and Prioritize the Perfect Order Index

Chargebacks and Penalties for Poor Inventory Productivity? by Victor Engesser & Stephany Goodnight of RVCF

Understanding Blockchain Part 1: Blockchain is neither a Block nor a Chain by  Kirk White, Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.

Sears Holding Corporation Transformation Case Study by Peyman Zaman, Logicbroker

U.S. Issues Advisory on Sanctions Risks Involving North Korea (July 23, 2018) by Melissa Proctor, Miller Proctor Law PLLC.

What Documentation Do Retailers Require of Suppliers When Disputing Chargebacks? by RVCF

Member Spotlights: DSV & Colosseum Athletics

June 2018

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Why RVCF Is Launching an Inventory Management Initiative
Retail Value Chain 101: RVCF Spring Conference Insights - What's Negotiable and What's Not in a Compliance Program
Retail Value Chain 101: RVCF Spring Conference Insights - Tips for Reducing Shortages
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: The Future Will Be Digitized
Update and Key Developments on U.S. Increased Tariffs under Sections 232 and 301 – What Manufacturers, Importers and Retailer Need to Know
Under Goodnight's Leadership, RVCF Inventory Management Initiative Hits the Ground Running
RVCF Spring Conference Recap: Clearwater Beach, We Miss You So

April 2018

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Value (and Fun) Beyond the Sessions – Why I'm Excited for the Spring Conference in Clearwater Beach
Retail Value Chain 101: How to Pack Cartons Properly to Avoid Chargebacks
Retail Value Chain 101: What Golf Can Teach You About Supplier Relationship Management
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: Think Traps! (Part Two) – Debate Club
A Game of Chess Well-Played or a Game of Chicken? Significant Import Tariff Increases by the United States and China
RVCF White Papers Shed Light on Industry Challenges, Trends and Initiatives
Importers and Exporters: Use Digital Tools to Save You Time and Money

February 2018

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Want to Solve Problems? Pick. Up. The. Phone.
Retail Value Chain 101: Surveying Suppliers and Acting on Their Feedback
Retail Value Chain 101: How to Prevent Chargebacks for Barcode Labels that Won't Scan
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: Think Traps! (Part One)
Poking the Russian Bear: New Developments in the U.S. Sanctions Policy Targeting Russia
Did you know that the Standard for GTIN Reuse across all industries will change on December 31, 2018? What can you do to get ready?


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