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2015 Newsletter Archives

December 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: 2016 Is Already Shaping Up to Be an Exciting Year for RVCF
Did You Get the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Message from Consumers?
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: GMO Labels vs. USA Exports
Ask a 3PL Expert: Third Parties Relieve the Pressure
New RVCF Team Members
Brick-and-Mortar Update: Tomorrow's Digital Trends and Today's Challenges
"Bleak" Friday 2015: A Perilous Season Ahead for Retailers?
Another Step Closer to Implementation: The Current Status of the Trans Pacific Partnership and Its Implications for Manufacturers, Retailers and Distributors
How RVCF Simplifies Communication between Suppliers and Factories

November 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: A Great Fall Conference and the Need for Planning and Forecasting
A Recap of the 2015 RVCF Annual Fall Conference
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: The ABC's of PDCA: Part 4 - ACT Right
Ask a 3PL Expert: What Did I Miss?
Today's Maker Movement Makes Waves in Retailing Landscape
Retail Convergence: Three Trends to Watch in 2016
Companies Asked to Submit Comments on Child and Forced Labor
The Power of One-on-Ones
Not Just for Retailers: More Ways RFID Can Benefit Retail Brand Owners

October 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Retailers Want Collaboration. Suppliers Want Forgiveness. What Gives?
Best Practices for Communicating Retailer Requirement Changes
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: The ABC's of PDCA: Part 3 - CHECK, Please!!! - OR - We Can Learn a Lot from Hollywood
Ask a 3PL Expert: Why Attend Conferences?
RFID Tagging: Retailing's Win-Win
The Holidays Are Coming: Are You Ready?
Continued Easing of Trade and Travel Restrictions on Cuba
How to Simplify Requirement Updates and Alerts
Selling Direct Works for Branded Manufacturers
Reshoring Consumer Product Manufacturing Benefits Retailer, Manufacturer and Consumer
Five Shipping Strategies for a Successful Holiday Season

September 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Retailer Execs Have Their Say about the State of Collaboration
RVCF Membership: What's in It for Me?
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: The ABC's of PDCA: Part 2 - DO The DO
Ask a 3PL Expert: Does Your 3PL Measure Up?
J.Crew Mercantile: What's in a Name?
5 Tips for Navigating the Amazon
Wage Hikes for Workers, Tough Times for Suppliers?
Not Just for Retailers: How RFID Can Benefit Retail Brand Owners
How to Get the Most from Your RVCF Conference Experience
Concealed Shortage Allowance
Reducing 80% of Costs of Uploading Claims to Retailer Portals

August 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Supplier Execs Go Off the Record about the State of Collaboration
How RVCF Open Forum Boards Spur Collaboration
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: The Towel: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Ask Why - a Slight Diversion on Root Cause
Ask a 3PL Expert: Pallets and Labels
On Call Scheduling: The Beginning of the End?
Proposition 65 Update and News
Integrated EDI: When Built Right, a Powerful Compliance Tool
It All Adds Up: Analytics, Assortment Data Bolster Business
Do Fill Rate Requirements Really Reduce Out-of-Stocks?

July 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Look for a Deep Dive into EDI at the RVCF Fall Conference
Are You Taking Full Advantage of the RVCF Compliance Clearinghouse?
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: The ABC's of PDCA - Part 1
How Can Supply Chains Facilitate Responsible and Ethical Sourcing?
Ask a 3PL Expert: 3PL Relationship Questions
The Gap, Art Peck, and Store Closures
U.S. Exporters Should Seek the Assistance of Customs and Border Protection in Resolving Disparate Tariff Classification and Customs Valuation Treatment in Foreign Markets
The Pop-up Shop Payoff: Priming EDI Software for Retailing's Hot Trend
Why You Can't Just Flip a Switch and Be Omni-Channel

June 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Retailer-Supplier Collaboration - The Journey
Better Onboarding Is a Path to Better Supplier Performance
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: (How to) Do the Work
How Do Retailers Handle the Summer Sun?
Ask a 3PL Expert: Combating Shortages
A Brief Perspective on Customer Experience Measurement
New U.S. Policy toward Cuba - How the Recent Changes May Forecast Greater Opportunities for U.S. Companies
EDI on the Edge: MTO Collaborations May Be the "Next Big Thing"
The Great Canadian Expansion: Lessons Learned from Target's Failure
The Future of Retail in a Globalization 2.0 World: The Four New Roads to Growth and Profit

May 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Here It Comes - Our 15th Annual Fall Conference
A Recap of the RVCF Spring Conference
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: The Anomaly Family
Consumers are Leading the Way to Sustainability - Are Retailers Following?
Ask a 3PL Expert: Compliance and Your New 3PL
The Relevancy and Irrelevancy of the Store: A Study in Contrasts
Defending a California Proposition 65 Matter by Relying on the Safe Harbor Defense
Omni-channel Retailing for Suppliers: Turning Order Management into a Strategic Business Tool
Beyond "Likes" and Coupons: The Impact of Social Media on Retail

April 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: An Open Letter to Executives Whose Companies Sell to Retailers
Phase 2 of the Trading Partner Interface of the Future Takes Shape
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: There are 5 S's in SUCCESSES(S)
The Retail Theory of Everything
Ask a 3PL Expert: We Chose a 3PL - What Next?
Putting First Things First: Defining the Customer Journey and Why It Is Essential to Any Type of Retailing - Omni-channel or Not!
Personal Liability for Customs Violations? How the Trek Leather Case May Impact Board Members, Officers and Compliance Professionals
Omni-channel Retailing for Suppliers: Integrating Order Management
Are You Prepared to Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions?
Tackling Disruptive Forces through Industry Collaboration

March 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Retail Requirements for 2015 – Product Images and Attributes
West Coast Port Strike Averted, But Problems Remain
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: Visualization Part Two: WHAT To Do, What To DO?
At the Intersection of Sustainability and Finance: Better Work
Ask a 3PL Expert
The Omni-channel Conundrum: Associate Adoption
Doing Business in California: Hazardous Waste Disposal Can Be Costly for Retailers
Omni-channel Retailing for Suppliers: Successful Drop Ship Fulfillment
Is It Time for Standard Sizing in Apparel?
"SL&C" – Fact or Fiction?

February 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: What Does RVCF Do For You?
Survey: How Suppliers Are Handling Value-Added Services
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: Visualization Part One: What's Going On?
3 Big Things NRF's Big Show Mostly Left Out
Vendor Compliance from a 3PL Perspective: Bridging the Gap - The Role of 3PL's in the Journey to "Shopping Redefined" (Part 2)
RadioShack and the Issue of Relevance
Big Changes Proposed by California to Proposition 65's Warning Requirements
Omni-channel Retailing for Suppliers: Setting Yourself Up for Success
Dimensional Weight Pricing Will Impact LTL Shipping Rates in 2015

January 2015

From the Desk of Kim Zablocky: Celebrating 15 Years
A Retailer's Perspective on Omni-channel Trends
Yusen, We Have a Problem!: The Gold Standard of Standardization
Holiday Crunch Time: Survey Shows Consumers Trust Online over Physical Stores
The Five Crucial Steps of Merchandise Planning
Exceeding Expectations: How to Adapt to the Demands of the Omni-channel Experience
Retail Industry Encouraged by Holiday Sales Gains


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