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RVCF Advisors

RVCF Advisors Supply Chain and Compliance Consultancy Services

RVCF Advisors

Every supplier in the retail industry is striving to achieve the perfect order – an order that is complete, on time, accurately documented, and damage-free.

Limited in-house personnel and tight budgets hamper these efforts, resulting in errors and costly chargebacks.

RVCF Advisors supply chain and compliance consultancy services enable suppliers to cost-effectively leverage our unique expertise to better manage their order fulfillment processes and reduce compliance violations – without hiring a full-time employee.  

We take a multi-step approach to improving your supply chain performance and profitability:

  • Conduct a thorough review of the supplier's current deductions and the compliance requirements of your retailer customers.

  • Identify recurring issues and assess financial impacts.

  • Conduct an on-site operational supply chain review to pinpoint where these issues are occurring and why.

  • Work with the supplier (and retailer customers) to address existing deductions.

  • Design and implement an advanced strategic supply chain solution that enables the supplier to improve scorecards, pass retailer audits, and avoid future chargebacks in the future.

We know what retailers are looking for and why. We understand the audit process. We can spot and correct problems. This enables us to deliver quick fixes that lead to fast ROI while providing a strategic foundation for long-term success and sustainability.

RVCF Advisors transfers their expert industry knowledge to supplier management teams to help them implement tools and procedures to make order fulfillment more effective and efficient. This will ensure that the supplier is receiving, interpreting, packing, and shipping the order correctly – achieving the perfect order.

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