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I have been a participating member of RVCF since 2002. The benefits are numerous, including use of the Clearinghouse as a very effective means of timely communication with our vendors; establishing relationships with both our business partners and peer retailers as opposed to just acquaintances; annual conferences that address relevant topics and forward thinking information; and the most important of all – the face-to-face meetings with key suppliers, gathered in one location, in a non-threatening environment, to focus on mutual barriers to conducting profitable business. This is priceless.

– Gough Grubbs, Former SVP Distribution/Logistics, Stage Stores

– Alan Brooks, Director of Compliance & Logistics, Fleet Street/Studio Ray

– Jerry Glinnen, Compliance Manager, Lifetime Brands, Inc.

– Anna Sylvester, Vendor Relations Director, Byer California

– Kathleen Woods, Customer Compliance Manager, R G Barry Corporation

– Rebecca Cassel, Director of Operational Compliance, Komar Distribution Services

– Grace Rainey, Accounts Payable Director,
and Jennifer McKean, DC Manager, Nordstrom

– David Wade, Vendor Compliance Analyst, Kayser-Roth Corporation

– Maureen Apicella, EDI/Allocations/Compliance, AD Sutton & Sons Inc.

I work for a multi-billion dollar footwear and apparel company. Just like other companies, we are always trying to find ways to work faster and smarter! One of the tools that we use to help us do this is the RVCF Compliance Clearinghouse. In the past, our Vendor Compliance team would have to go into our customers' websites on a weekly basis to look for updates to vendor manuals or we would have to rely on the customers to notify us via a phone call or an e-mail of any updates. Talk about painful! We now have daily updates for a great majority of our customers waiting for us in our inbox every morning. The RVCF Compliance Clearinghouse allows us to go into our profiles and customize them with the customers we deal with and the topics we need updates on. The archive feature allows us to look back on past requirements without us having to keep track of ongoing changes – this is especially beneficial when dealing with older issues, such as post audit claims.

Another great benefit of being a member of RVCF is being able to attend conferences twice a year. I am someone who hates to travel, yet I look forward to these conferences all year!! There are multiple presentations by leaders of different industries where you are able to hear all of the latest trends and best practices. Some of our major retailers also take this time to have breakout sessions where they review upcoming changes prior to announcing them to other suppliers. My favorite thing about the conferences is the fact that I can meet with so many of our customers and have face-to-face time with them. At the last conference I went to, I met with 15 of our major accounts! Where else are you going to get that kind of bang for your buck! If you've been considering joining RVCF, stop thinking about it and do it!!!

– Pam Baumunk, Vendor Compliance Supervisor, Wolverine Worldwide Inc.

– Brittany Ganzak, Compliance Supervisor, Hachette Book Group

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