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The World Without Us

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The World Without Us
Results from the EDI Professionals Survey

With an explosion of new global corporations, the rise of new consumer markets, and outsourcing, B2B communications (including EDI, XML, MFT, and cloud technologies to support communication between trading partners) are more important than ever.

Not only is the number of trading partners who share data electronically increasing per company, but in addition, new product traceability mandates stipulating "electronic-only transaction management" in industries such as healthcare, education, defense, and retail are driving up companies' EDI usage.

And then there is a demographic shift going on in the business world as younger people assume the mantle of leadership. Along with that, their technology skills and interests are often different from what has passed before.

So we decided to get the B2B/EDI professionals to tell us what their issues and challenges were in supporting their organizations and what the future might hold for them. With support from NEECOM, RVCF, and nonprofit industry associations, we launched this survey. In addition, we would like to acknowledge EDI Specialists for their support in creating the survey and enjoining their members to participate.

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